The Serial Podcast

 Episode 1 of the Serial podcast by Sarah Koenig

The Serial Podcast.

was very interesting. Not only was the story interesting but, the idea of journalizing an investigation in the form of a podcast is what drew me into the story. This podcast is very similar to the murder investigation shows that we see on TV, only, without the visual picture in front of us.


The podcast allowed me to visualize the story my way, in the sense of what the characters look like based on their voice and the type of person their described. During the podcast, Adnan Syed describes exactly how he murdered his girlfriend and during that point in the podcast I could imagine him and his friend in an empty surrounding, burying that poor girls body not very deep into the ground with not a care in the world. I can see Syed as being an aggressive, harsh person that many people may be afraid of.

As I watch the investigation shows on TV, I realize that listening to the podcast is very similar. In the shows, they don’t show the actual footage of what had happen. They tell the story the way the story was told to them and

Investigation Discovery Channel.

they create their own image of the real story. This is what I do when listening to a podcast, I create my own story as it is being told to me.


As I put myself in the shoes of the victims family, I would feel uncomfortable or disgusted with the popularity of the Serial series because it is a sensitive topic that is not something that would want to be brought up. At the same time, it could be a sense of relief that the community has not given up on the case by making it known to others. For the Syed family and friends, they may feel angry or targeted about the series if Adnan is found guilty.

As reading gives the option to visualize the story as well, I believe the podcast helps me stay focused. As I read books, I tend to get distracted very easily and get tired or bored of the book. I lose track in the book and end up reading the same part I already read. I also read the book in the same voice with the same tone, which can make it harder for me to understand what is going on and who is saying what. With a podcast, all I have to is listen. With this episode specifically, it uses different voices rather than the story being narrated in one voice. Though, reading can help me analysis the text by the tone the author is inferring through text.

Remembering events that happened a week ago can be difficult if the day wasn’t very important or interesting. If you do the same thing every day, and one day you do something different than the other days, you may mostly likely remember what you did. I believe the innocence of Adnan Syed is debatable because if someone were to kill another person, you would remember exactly what you did that day since that is an unforgettable moment. Adnan guessed what he “probably” did that day but some things that occurred that day, he seemed to remember clearly. He remembers what he did at school, but didn’t remember anything that happen after school. He may remember what he did at school because he does the same thing every day. You may not know what you did after school because it could be different. No one keeps track of what they did on each day, down to hour by hour. Syed gave a reasonable response to what he had did that day because we don’t remember unless something happen that is unforgettable. With this being said, Syed could also being lying along with other witnesses.

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